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- Gallery # 5 -

Orchid Gallery 1

This gallery focuses on the very special Sharry Baby orchid, famous for its chocolate aroma and bold coloring. We also provide ideas for arrangements as well as our own arrangement services at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

(Scroll down to see the orchids. Click the images for a larger size when one is available)

Sharry Baby Orchids

The Sharry Baby, orchid with the chocolate smell.

A special two spike "Sharry Baby" orchid plant. Yes, this orchid really smells like chocolate!!! What a great orchid. This orchid normally comes with one spike unlike the one pictured. 


A large Sharryy Baby Orchid

This was a great specimen, tall and gorgeous (and oh that scent).


A Green Dendrobium

A close-up of the distinctive Sharry Baby Orchid. How majestic!



Two Spiked Purple Dendrobium

The New York Orchid show is the premiere event for orchid growers and fans. Look at all those varieties.


Lady Slipper Close-up

Even though this website is about "orchid plants", we do offer incredible cut orchid arrangements. If you would like a floral arrangement please visit our "sister site" www.acflowershop.com

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 www.beverlyhillsflowersandorchids.com Our sister site that provides some of the most beautiful flowers available in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas.

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www.orchidwire.com, a directory to all kinds of orchid information.

www.beautyworlds.com, a site dedicated to beauty, fashion, body image and nature--including orchids.

www.aos.org, the American Orchid Society, and www.theorchidsite.com, an excellent, easy to read resource containing all kinds of orchid information: facts, tips, advice, and sales.



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