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Orchid Gallery 1

Here are some more examples of the beautiful orchids we offer. Please be aware that there are other varieties of orchids available (that are not pictured) and we will update our website with pictures of them from time to time. The best bet is to call us and we can discuss the different varieties available, which containers you like, and the budget you have in mind.

Mother Nature outdid herself when creating these beautiful orchids.

(Scroll down to see the orchids. Click the images for a larger size when one is available)

Phalaenopsis Orchids

Orchid Displayin Greek Urn

Two elegant white Phalaenopsis orchids in a Greek urn with birch branches - price depends on the container chosen.


Our famous Phalaenopsis Special

Our "famous special" Phalaenopsis orchid (in purple, white, or muted pink) planted in a terracotta garden pot with birch branches and a bow. - 


white Phalaenopsis orchids

Phalaenopsis orchids come in a variety of colors.  This pale yellow Phalaenopsis is beautiful and long lasting! 


Golden Treasure Orchid

This "Golden Treasure" Phalaenopsis is truly special. We don't often see them, especially with so many orchid spikes, but we can always try! - 


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The American Orchid Society

We at Orchid Express are proud members of the American Orchid Society (AOS)

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Here are some of the wonderful sites that we are listed with and that are definitely worth visiting:

 www.beverlyhillsflowersandorchids.com Our sister site that provides some of the most beautiful flowers available in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas.

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www.orchidwire.com, a directory to all kinds of orchid information.

www.beautyworlds.com, a site dedicated to beauty, fashion, body image and nature--including orchids.

www.aos.org, the American Orchid Society, and www.theorchidsite.com, an excellent, easy to read resource containing all kinds of orchid information: facts, tips, advice, and sales.



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